Board of Directors

ICAM's Board of Directors consists of seven volunteers from the Ipswich Community. In the picture from left to right are Dan Clasby, Scott Ames (Vice President), Bob Ryan (President), Cushing Titcomb, (Treasurer), Jim Maloney and Ann Savage, (Secretary). Greg Parachojuk unpictured.

Beth Meyer, ICAM Executive Director

Beth became ICAM E.D. in July 2009. At that time, ICAM was looking for a permanent location for their studio, playback, field and editing equipment. 2009 and 2011 was spent developing ICAM's PEG station.

Beth came to ICAM with almost 20 years experience in PEG Access TV. She graduated from Hampshire College with a BA in Communications (concentration in Video Production). Besides PEG Access, she was a videographer and technical director for a small news station on Cape Cod and taught video production to high school students in Stoughton, MA.

Beth has lived in New England most of her life, spending most of her childhood in Connecticut and adulthood in Massachusetts.

Steven LeBel, ICAM Production Assistant

Steven grew up in Ipswich, graduating from Ipswich High School in 2004. He then went to Skidmore College and graduated in 2008 with a BA in psychology. While attending Skidmore, Steven worked in the radio station as a D.J. and at the dance theater controlling lighting and sound for dance performances. He also has a background in photography and music.

Steven became involved with ICAM in late 2009 when he began working as a videographer for the government meetings in Town Hall. In August of 2011 Steven began working as a part-time employee of the ICAM office and studio.