ICAM - Ipswich Community Access Media is a nonprofit PEG (Public, Education and Government) Access Organization. ICAM's purpose is to provide access to existing and future communications media, including facilities, equipment and PEG programming for the Ipswich Community.

ICAM is committed to involving and training community members of all ages and backgrounds, so they may utilize the ICAM facilities to develop diversified, informative and entertaining programs. Community members include those who live, work or go to school full-time in Ipswich, MA.

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ICAM Video Production Camp for 7-9th Graders

ICAM Animation Camp for 4-6th Graders

Program Schedule

Wednesday, April 23, 2014

ICAM Public/Education Station, Comcast CH. 9 and Verizon Ch. 33

9:00 AM: Methodist Service

10:30 AM: First Church of Ipswich

12:00 PM: ICARE presents: The Science of Climate Change

12:30 PM: Ipswich Road Poet's Cafe with guest Sarah Vickery

4:00 PM: Ipswich First Church Bell Ringers

5:00 PM: First Church of Ipswich

5:30 PM: Ipswich Anniversary: 380 Years

6:00 PM: Our Savior Lutheran Service

7:00 PM: Smart Boating: Boating Apps

7:31 PM: Exploring the Arts: Heard House Museum

8:00 PM: The Folklorist: The Ponzi Scheme

8:30 PM: Whittier Tech School Committee Meeting 2/12/14

9:10 PM: Whittier Tech School Committee Meeting 3/12/14

10:00 PM: Ipswich First Church Bell Ringers

ICAM Government Channel, Comcast CH. 10 and Verizon Ch. 32

10:30 AM: Ipswich Selectmen's Meeting Live 4/22/14

3:00 PM: Ipswich Conservation Commission Meeting 4/16/14

7:00 PM: Ipswich Conservation Commission Meeting 4/16/14

Road Poet Cafe

Biker-poet and special guests - share odes to the road!
Join K. Peddlar Bridges, AKA the Roadpoet, for his unique show to explore the world of road poetry. See what inspires local artists to ride, explore, and write - poems, stories and music. All dedicated to the lure of the open road.

K. Peddlar Bridges is a Bikerpoet, Writer and former Connecticut Bike Week and Super Sunday Expo (R) Poet Laureate. He has been a Columnist and Senior Columnist for the Connecticut Cruise News, Motorcyclegoodies.com, The Motorcyclists' Post and The Chop-Shop Customs News Letter.

Council on Aging

Follow Paul Valcour and his adventures around Ipswich as he visits and interviews local Seniors, tells their stories, and honors their achievements.  Paul, along with the Council on Aging - helps all our residents stay connected and educated regarding issues facing Seniors today.

Local Sports

Ipswich Local Sports!

The kids in town are working hard. Are you watching?  Check the ICAM schedule often to see which team events are being replayed on ICAM.  From Field Hockey, to Football, to Basketball -- we can all sit back and enjoy the game!